The Case of the Vanishing Mojo


Since I am currently in the throes of indecision, I thought that I could perhaps analyse and elaborate upon my process of choosing what to make in the hopes it may kickstart my creativity.

  • Approach the First: Browse Ravelry for a pattern, attempt to find correct yarn in stash, and if all goes well, cast-on.
  • Approach the Second: Browse yarn stash, search Ravelry for pattern and then cast-on.
  • Approach the Third: Cool pattern comes to attention, search stash for appropriate yarn, cast-on, discover it just won’t work, frog, order yarn, forget about project in meantime, start something entirely different.
  • Approach the Fourth: Pull out the N.E.D.G. and work on it until I absolutely can’t stand it any more and cast on something else out of sheer desperation,

Sometimes nothing works, sometimes your knitting mojo just deserts you. It rides off into the sunset without looking back to the strains of bluegrass guitar. Four days! FOUR WHOLE DAYS of mojo-less searching. It was devastating.

So instead I played the new TombRaider game and some Bioshock Infinite, both of which are fantstically awesome games of fun and joy and gore. Totally worthwhile.