An Ode to Mi Amore




Ah, how I love you Amory. You flow, you are lacey, you are comfy, you can be worn to so many places in so many ways. But Amory, why are your sleeves so long?

I feel I have failed you by not accounting for the stretch over time that Moda Vera Soya is wont to have. Please forgive me, it was an error of ignorance, for you were lovingly laboured at during the very beginnings of my serious meta-knitting days and I was young to the intricacies of yarn substitution.

Fear not, my darling, though I may have let you down, there is hope for our future together! Your cuffs were knitted separately and they can therefore be removed and reattached to a shortened sleeve. I promise I will be gentle, my sweet, as I tenderly unravel your rows, holding aside the reclaimed yarn for further escapades

Do you recall, my love, the fateful day that changed our relationship forever? You were pristine white, pale and pure. I gently bathed you and set you aside ready to be laid out in the sun. But alas and alack! My thoughtlessness was my downfall, for immediately afterwards I washed a green linen vest for the first time and placed it on you. It’s colours ran, forever staining your natural plant fibre a strikingly glassy hue.

Though I lamented in private, I comforted you, promising that I would not resort to bleach for your fibres were too delicate to risk such harsh treatment. Prolonged internal debate resulted in a cold black dye bath, bringing you to  your current marbled hue. My treasure, I feel deeply and intensely that you have only grown more beautiful with this change in your appearance, and that the experience has only increased the depth of our affection.

Au revoir my love, my heart, my Amory.


Overkill? No, overDYE


After a brief leave of absence involving extreme nausea, I have returned!

I am just finishing up on a side-to-side lace sweater from Sandra Knit Trends

Gotta love blocking.

As you can see, the ribbing is in a significantly different shade than the body. This was not intentional, it was “GAH, I’ve run out of yarn and now I have to order more!”. I’m sure I ordered brown, but the batch was more gray…

So, let’s find out about overdyeing! Because I believe that will solve my problems. The yarn is 100% cotton, so it should take dye well if I use a cold-water fibre-reactive dye.

There are a few good articles on appropriate ways to overdye yarn before it has been knitted up, the principles are helpful. Colour-matching when it is a single garment is a different matter and pretty much a lost cause in this case. I have limited range of dyes available around here, so Ill probably go with the low temperature Gold Cross dye or with RiT available from a pharmacist near you!

I’m going to try to over-dye with chocolate, to see if it will bring the ribbing areas close enough to the body colour so as not to be noticeable. If that doesn’t work, black is always in.

So now that I have done my research – all that remains is to acquire the dye and have at it!