Not so much of Gittin’ stuff done.


I’ll tell you something – doing distance education with your child is a LOT of work. We’re heading into our third week and still getting settled in. I’m hoping that when we get on an even keel I will have time to knit and blog about it a bit more.

I did attempt some Git ‘er Done, Son004

I had already done the body and a sleeve of my daughter’s Stripy Cardigan. This is one that I’ve been making up as I go along, basing the design on one of her favourite cardigans that she has outgrown.

This is how much I managed to get done, but I have written out what I did on the other sleeve so that I can match it up. Still to do is the making up, the hood and button band. I’m musing about whether I should continue with this, considering I didn’t get much done on it last week or if I should stick to the original plan and work on another project.008

Delphine is nearly finished! I just have to weave in ends, put some buttons on and thread a ribbon through the neckline. Fingers crossed I’ll have an FO Friday this week!

This is a sneaky peak of a project I’m hoping to write a tutorial about…. ooooh, mysterious.


I don’t always catch on that quickly


I was just reviewing my blog. You see, I decided to upload some photos to my ravelry account after my daughter’s clicking frenzy and I wanted to see if there were any photos on my blog that I could slurp. But ALAS! I realised that though I had several mentions of my Drops 106-11 moss stitch cardigan there is no actual finished picture! Which is truly shameful since (for once) it turned out beautifully!

026It’s hard to see the detail, but it has turned out very nicely and I wear it often. OFTEN!

I was updating one of my other projects, the first sweater I made for my boyfriend, to a very sad face and frogged. It just didn’t look right on him, so I reclaimed the yarn. However it led to a very interesting discovery – I don’t know if you’ve seen it but the UGH!! page on rav will make you feel much better about your skillz and will keep you amused for a very long time.

Documentation of Historical Artifacts


I mentioned the other day that K was on a photography kick, taking pictures of my previous projects. I thought I’d share some of them since I can’t really post the recent stuff due to the surprise factor involved.Image

PONCHO – no real pattern in Anna Mohair from ICE yarns

I used a Drops Design pattern to work out the number of stitches to cast on and increased every five or six rows until I thought – yeah, that looks about right. The yarn is very soft and has an excellent squoosh factor, especially given the cheapiness, and I really like the colour, it’s nice and neutral.

SATISFACTION: 4 out of 5 silky goats.


JEN by Kim Hargreaves in Moda Vera Soya

I am a pretty big Kim Hargreaves fan. Her designs are lovely and romantic. I really let this pattern down with my yarn choice. There is too much drape and not nearly enough memory in the yarn, it stretches a lot with wear. I wanted it to be a light and summery cardigan, but it just droops too much. I want to make it again, perhaps in a blend that has some wool or other more elastic fibre. I’m also not a fan of the buttons. I mean, I like the colour and shape, but the shaft lets them flobble around unattractively.

I have a feeling this garment is destined to have it’s yarn reclaimed, but don’t tell K as she frequently co-opts it for her own use.

    SATISFACTION: 2.5 out of 5 soy beans


Lace Nightie by Carrie Bostick-Hoge in black Cleckheaton Bamboo

Well, this worked out very nicely. I really love bamboo, it’s so soft and silky with great drape and just enough fibre memory. I’ve worn this a ridiculous amount of time, my only complaint being that I was too slavish in following the pattern and I really should have done more repeats before starting the waist shaping. I also should have done longer I-cord for the shoulder straps, but I really hate doing I-cord.

      SATISFACTION: 4.5 out of 5 panda treats.