Good thing I’m not gluten intolerent


I’m going to knit Ripened Wheat by Tanya Alpert from Haiku Knits. It’s the kind of shirt I’ll wear a lot, provided it turns out the way it’s intended to turn out.

copyright Tanya Alpert

copyright Tanya Alpert

The pattern calls for two kinds of yarns held together both from Habu Textiles, one is a ribbon linen/paper yarn and the other is a fine silk stainless steel. Because I’m a total cheap-ass frugal, I’m using Velina paper yarn from Yarn Paradise‘s discount page. I’m all class, baby. copyright Oddknitty I’m pretty sure it will work. Similar in texture and drape, I imagine. Does this mean I’ll swatch to make sure first? Oh, lolz. Of course not.

I thought I’d give you a peek at what my project bag looks like. When I start a project, it gets it’s own bag and supplies because I like to be able to just pick that bag up and know it’s ready to go. The only time it’s not ready to be worked on at the drop of a hat is when it’s been hibernating for a while and the bits and pieces have been moved to a more active project. ripwheat Listy list!

  • The yarn in question
  • A notebook and pencil; inside I have written out the pattern in an abbreviated form so I won’t have to constantly refer to the .pdf file.
  • A My Little Pony notions bag containing: small scissors, stitch markers, a Hello Kitty tape measure, row counter and yarn needles.
  • The required needle tips and cord (Knitpro interchangeables).
  • A canvas tote bag… I have a variety. This one is from Typo. One of many from Typo.

I’m so super organised and stuff a Virgo. You can tell.


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