Boredom is for the small-minded.


As part of my Git ‘er Done, Son initiative, I put an entire 100g ball into Beth’s Little Star Afghan. One more ball and I’m calling it finished. I’m pretty excited about pinning that thing out and giving it a good steam, though I have no idea where the finished product will live. A star shaped blanket is not super practical, but I didn’t think that out before I started.

In other news, I’ve been catching up on over 600 blog posts that I missed and making a list of the interesting things I’d like to share. I enjoy having a backlog of content cos that’s how I roll.

I’ll mention Pippa’s Patchwork today, she has made an IRONING TABLE!! (Technically, it came from Martha Stewart but I can’t stand that smug beotch). I’m going to need to make me one of these, ironing boards are too flimsy and I never use them when I’m sewing because they annoy me. Also, how good would that be for blocking?!?!

I’ve finished the first draft of part one of my eBook project (do you like how I slip that in there like I’ve been talking about it for months when this is the first mention?) and I’m pretty happy with it. In a lot of ways I feel like I’m restating the obvious, but I’m hoping I do it more comprehensively than it’s been done before and in a more amusing way. I am here to entertain. Crossing fingers, Cast Offs and Cast Aways: How to Be a Frugal Tricoteuse will be available for download in April; if I don’t get carried away and expand its scope as I am wont to do (and have already done. Twice).

I’ve got a tutorial lined up, it has photos and just needs to be written. It is (again) one of those things that has been done before, but not in such a haphazard way as I have done it. So I figure at the least will give people the confidence to half-ass it and know it will turn out alright. I am mulling over an idea for ANOTHER tutorial, a new and different tutorial that I haven’t seen done before, but there is a lot of work in it so it will be a ways off.

Comments are open if you feel like telling me how awful/awesome your Monday has been; I want to hear all about it.


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