Upon Turning 29 Again.


Happy birthday to me! I am having my fourth 29th birthday today, and was greeted this morning by a big coffee, a rose petal strewn table, and gifts.

This means I have to exercise willpower. It’s the only exercise I get, really

Mum got me a Clover Kacha-Kacha row counter which is the bomb! You just press the button at the top to count your rows (and it makes a beautifully satisfying clicky noise), so much better than having to drop everything to turn the dial on the usual counter. It’s not going to get nudged or slip a little which will change the number and then you are all like “AUGH!! Why does this look wrong? Why am I doing the wrong row of the lace pattern?’ or “AUGH!! Why do the front and back not match? I swear I worked the same number of rows!”

so awesome

AND I found a FANTASTIC app for making pattern graphs. LittleKnitter lets you design a graph, export it to text and is super easy to use. BONUS – the graph has little rectangles instead of squares, so as the resemble the knitted stitch more closely. It would obviously be better on a tablet, purely because of the size – however I found that even though I (occasionally) accidentally put an “x” where I didn’t want one  it was still quite usable on my HTC.


You can get the free version, the only difference is the paid version removes the nag screen, which pops up when you open the app and change screen orientations (very generous lack of nagging in my opinion). I’m going to buy this app because it is just freaking brilliant.

stupid sports

This is why I needed to make graphs. I couldn’t find charted letters to suit my Xmas scarfy plans, so I did what I usually do and fudged it myself 😀 – I do plan on writing up a pattern and making it available on Ravelry at some point. I have three of these scarves to make and they are just a little tedious.




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