Oh noes! Making Mistakes has become Predictable.


Working on Drops 106-11, a moss stitch cardigan with a shawl collar. Whilst I’m not usually a fan of the shawl collar, this one is not as exaggerated as some and therefore acceptable.

I have completed the back, and I feel satisfied that it is “correct”. I cast on for the left front, worked the moss stitch edging and then began the shaping for the waist…

I forgot to work the side edging in moss stitch. Why? I don’t know, maybe I was DISTRACTED by the fact that the instructions say I need to decrease every x cms when the garment has reached x cms, then increase every x cms, whilst at the same time work the neckline starting when the garment has reached x cms and increasing every x cms AND at the same time increase the moss stitch edging by one stitch every x cms starting at x cms, not forgetting to cast off for the armhole when the garment reaches x cms. Perhaps that is why I neglected to work the moss stitch edge.

In order to prevent mistakes (hysterical and slightly maniacal laughter at myself for thinking it was possible) I first established how many rows per 10cm I was getting, and reduced that to how many rows per cm to two decimal points (to increase accuracy). At this point, I was pretty happy that I made notes about the shaping for the back because we just can’t take it for granted that I would do something so sensible! Using my mad math skillz I worked out the rows on which the increasing and decreasing and so forth would happen.

Fingers crossed, eh?

Revisiting the side edging that didn’t happen – while I would be perfectly capable of dropping the requisite stitches and then just working those back up in moss stitch, I’m guessing that it would be so fiddly that it would be more time consuming than just ripping back the twenty rows.


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