Closely approaching success!


The lace sweater from Sandra Knit Trends has been completed, ends woven in and over-dyed.

Here’s a before and after shot, except the left is the after and the right is the before… because I like to be different. Apparently I have reversed the order in my cutlery drawer as well. I wasn’t aware that I was bucking some kind of societal dictate about arranging cutlery in drawers until one of my friends asked me why I put them away “wrong”. I told her it was my small way of rebelling against cultural norms.

I’m pleased with the result, especially knowing that it will fade with wear.

Here’s me looking awkward. Mmmm… sexy. I’ll be honest, I don’t like the sleeves. They are too close fitting. In fact, even though the fit is good – it’s too tight for my liking. However, cotton is infamous for stretching which will serve me well in this case.


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